2016 | 2019

EARLY 2016

Feasibility study

Search for indispensable and inseparable partners and stakeholders. Validation of partnerships with: IBO, Axway, Agaetis.

Fabrication process

Finalization of the manufacturing process of our chips (RFID / NFC) and installation of connecting objects with the help of a key partner Tag & Play. Creation of ultra-efficient chips: with own identity, cold management, tear-proof.

Illustration de la réflexion entre personnes
Yesitis au Bivouac avec ses Sponsors


Search for essential sponsors

French Tech, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, European Union, Europe and BPI France commit.

Creation of the company

Visual Identity and Graphic Design.

Le Bivouac

Yesitis settles in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region at Le Bivouac, a startup booster based in Clermont-Ferrand.

Platform Yesitis

Implementation of this unique platform. Identity, traceability, security, relationship with our customers and evolution towards new uses.

FALL 2016

Digital CSP

Creation of the first partnership with the french company CSP and creation of Digital CSP development’s project for connected health.

Revive Music project

Creation of the Revive project with the manufacture and commissioning of the first vinyl record connected to the world (visual identity and graphic charter).

Public relations

Close collaboration with students of  a business school in the Clermont-Ferrand region (ESCO Wesford) to work on communication and public relations.

Image des membres presse de l'équipe Yesitis et du vinyle
image des monuments de Paris

CES 2017 Honoree

Yesitis and its Revive Music project is nominated among the 30 innovations of the year by the CES and humbly wins a CES Award in the Digital Imaging Category. Yesitis considered one of the 30 most innovative companies of the year.

Revive Music platform

Development and creation of the Revive Music platform.

CES Unveiled Paris

Participation in the exhibition CES Unveiled in Paris. Announcement of French startup participants of the CES Las Vegas.



Benefits coming from national and local media coverage (L’Usine Digitale, France 3, La Montagne, CES, La Tribune, NewsAuvergne, the Journal of the eco, Aura éco).

Revive Music demo

Meeting with the Coopérative de Mai and presentation of Revive Music to various French music labels.


New innovative Yesitis website !

Image des journaux
Image des différents partenaires de la start-upimage de Wauquiez & d'un membre de la start-up Yesitis


CES Las Vegas

Participation in the CES Las Vegas; an exceptional experience for Yesitis. Unforgettable memories and a chance to rub shoulders with the world’s largest innovators.

image du le panneau de Bienvenue de Las Vegas
Interview/Stand de Yesitis

Back in France

After the CES and the first Award Revive meets a great success and Yesitis sits at the table of several major French media for a bluffing demonstration.
Development of a premium application for artists’ universe. Signature of a first contract with Wax Taylor.
Revive goes to the conquest of turntables.

First territory project

Yesitis meets the confraternity of Thiers knives. Together the decision is made to create the first connected knife to promote the ancestral know-how of Thiers and protect the brand from possible counterfeiters. Commercial partnership with JFKKOM.

Meeting with @RFID for a strategic partnership

Yesitis and @RFID are engaged in a sustainable collaboration to boost their respective businesses and create synergies around the Rfid and the Nfc in particular. @RFID is a company headquartered in Bulgaria (Sofia) but present through its commercial and industrial network in China, Turkey, Germany, England and Scandinavia.
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Equity participation

End of 2017 Yesitis takes stakes in @RFID to seal a fruitful relationship that has revealed the complementarities of companies. They now have a common digital and industrial strike force.

First “Trophée des entreprises” of Puy-de-Dôme

The first ones “Trophées des entreprises” of Puy-de-Dôme have rewarded at Polydome (Clermont-Ferrand) the know-how and innovation of the SME’s bosses of the department.
Yesitis was chosen with 5 other local companies. This title has a special flavor because it is obtained on our Lands.


The American dream goes on

New departure to Las Vegas to present the IoTag, Sensor data logger, which allows the recording of environmental data (temperature, humidity) to improve daily energy management.

Obtaining a second Award consecutively

Yesitis is one of the few French companies to obtain an Award two years in a row in two different categories. This brings us into the closed club of companies identified as innovative.

Yesitis settles in the garden

Vilmorin decides to entrust us with the development and manufacture of his first garden coach.
The application and the sensor offer a complete solution to easily make your garden a success. Whether you are beginner or experienced, with the help of the information you have, you can guide the gardener with reminders of tasks, diagrams, and exhaustive information on the right actions to take for the success of your garden. Thanks to this very promising partnership, Vilmorin obtains an LSA 2018 Award for this innovation.

The beginning of an adventure

This first achievement with a prestigious partner allows us to launch in the world of Iot (connected object). This is the starting point of the Yesitis adventure in the universe of the creation of connected objects.

Strategic acquisition

Yesitis acquires 100% of @RFID, a long-time partner, and thus becomes a major player in the connecting objects industry. We are proud to have among us all the teams spread across the continent of Europe and Asia who collaborate fully in the success of innovative projects of our customers.


Major agreement

Yesitis is investing alongside Concept Sport (established by Florent and Sébastien Chabal), a creative urban furniture company dedicated to body weight exercises. This collaboration gives birth to Vivaciti (founded by Concept Sport, Yesitis and Olivier Dufour) created to address local authorities, spas and large companies. With the support of local authorities, Vivaciti is setting up the world’s first connected sports station offering.

Change of premises

Relocation on 1 July 2019 from the Bivouac (Hotel de Région) to the Yesitis’ house at 5 boulevard Pasteur in Clermont-Ferrand. An ideal place to strengthen ties and welcome our customers in a cocoon conducive to creativity.

Logo change

Yesitis clearly displays its identity and ambition to become the first phygital company. Ready to make collaborate in a collective intelligence way industrial and digital players.

“Sommet de l’élevage”

Yesitis participates in a major event to “la Grande Halle d’Auvergne”. It is an ideal place to show its innovations in the agricultural world as the Vilmorin probe, the IoTag temperature and humidity sensor and the knife of Thiers, formidable promoter of local products of Auvergne.
The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, did us the honor to take an interest in our creations and our company.