Our four main values reflect who we are and what we passionately strive for every day (two words not one). They guide our projects and methods.


    Innovation is one of the basic pillars of Yesitis.
    It is the fruit of meetings between skills, know-how from different horizons worn by passionate Women and Men. The desire to create is one of the characteristics of Yesitis. Innovation is rooted in the genes of the company and the entire team. This must be consistent with our requirement to ensure the reliability, efficiency, quality, traceability and ethics of our achievements.


    The soul of our startup is based on an approach that emphasizes collective intelligence. This internally, thanks to our agile methods, but also with our customers for whom we implement sessions of common ideas. It is our shared ambition that allows us to work with confidence and transparency. We have in mind the shared success of our projects in relation to all the internal and external stakeholders that make up the company.


    We stand by our customers. We strive to offer a unique offer tailored to the needs of everyone in a desire for close relationship and trust. We listen to market needs and work in close partnership with our customers to continually improve the user experience by collaborating on all projects.


    Commitment is a major motive in our everyday life. We favor a sustainable relationship built around a strong win-win partnership. This comes with a permanent transparency in our exchanges and a sincerity in the sharing of our respective constraints and the will to succeed together.

Our mission at is to offer an extraordinary experience to our customers, partners, and collaborators.